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 Cooking class celebrating the French cuisine in Paris 
 Cooking Class celebrating the French cuisine in Versailles

• Macarons Class
• Pastry and dessert class 
 Advanced pastry class 
• Brioche and Bread baking class
• Breakfast Pastry class (croissants, raisin rolls…)

 Wine Tasting Classes
 Wine and Cheese pairing class and lunch

Celebrating the French traditional Cuisine

Classes are taught in English by our talented chefs, cooks and teachers graduated from reputed French culinary Institutes. They take time to explain the recipes step by step, and to provide tips to succeed in the techniques.  Of course, our classes are all hands-on !

If the French cuisine is reputed to be difficult, in signing this program you will understand that it’s not ! Recipes we have chosen are simplified for home cooks and include the ingredients that you will find easily in your country.

Cooking classes are scheduled Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 10:30am for 2h30. It’s the right time to prepare and to cook a well-balanced traditional French in using seasonal fresh produce from the market. Tasting lunch including a starter, a main course, and a dessert follows the class. The lunch is accompanied by mineral water, white or red wine, and coffee or tea.

Depending on the season, sample menus can feature pears and blue cheese savory tart, chestnut and porcini-mushrooms velouté with foie gras, cucumber and smoked salmon “millefeuille” with its buttered parmesan cookie, boeuf bourguignon, duck breast in orange sauce, red fruits crumble, seasonal fruits clafoutis, apples and raisins crepe “aumoniere” with its salty buttered caramel, and more. Please remind that our menus consider our clients likes, dislikes and food restrictions or allergies.

Program price : US$ 220 per person. A 30 % discount is granted to children under 12.

: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday year-round except in August. Our school is closed Sunday and on public holidays


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Versailles is well known for its 17th century royal palace, gardens, home of Kings Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette. However this elegant city is a spot for gourmets. Next to Notre-Dame historic district sets the open-air food market on Friday morning, and our cooking school too !
cooking class versailles cooking class in versailles

Plan a full-day excursion to Versailles on Friday, including the food market tour, cooking class and lunch in the morning, and keep your afternoon free to visit the chateau and its gardens. It’s easy to get to Versailles by direct train from Paris (RER C) at Saint-Michel, Invalides, Pont de l’Alma, Eiffel tower, etc. It will take about 40 minutes one way. Our cooking school is only 10mn distance from the train station, and to the chateau by walking

Your gourmet program starts at 9:30am by a 45 minutes market tour and shopping with our chef. Along the tour you will learn more about the varieties of products such as fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, cheese, bread, oils and spices, etc. and how to choose it. Back to the school, you wash hands, tight your apron… ready to start preparing and cooking a 3-course menu celebrating the French cuisine.

 According to the seasons, sample menus can include mushrooms velouté “creamy” soup with smoked salmon, orange-flavored duck pie, foie gras raviolis with a chive-flavored cream, fillet of sole with a tapenade flavored mashed potatoes purée, chocolate soufflé, pink pralines tart and its orange blossom flavored cream, vanilla cream and raspberry filled macaron, etc. Tasting lunch accompanied by wine and coffee espresso follows the class. Program ends around 2:30pm.

Program price
:US$260 per person. A 30 % discount is granted to children under 12

Availability : Fridays except in August. Our school is closed on public holidays


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Once upon a time, the macarons…
At the Renaissance period (16th century), almonds were imported to France and biscuits started to be served at the Court. Three centuries later, Chef Claude Gerbet in Paris had the brilliant idea to redesign the cracky almond biscuit with two deflate and shining shells linked with ganache or fruits purée or cream. The success was immediate, and Pierre Desfontaines, Louis-Ernest Ladurée grand-child decided to offer this new macaron to elegant Parisian clients that came to his pastry shop on rue Royale, it was Ladurée !

Garnissage macaron

Today, Parisian celebrity pastry chefs Pierre Hermé, Gérard Mulot, Philippe Andrieu (Ladurée), Hugues Pouget (Hugo & Victor) or Christophe Michalak (Plaza Athénée) compete to offer ever more exquisite macarons with surprising and perfectly combined flavors.

Why don’t you learn how to bake it when you are in Paris? In partaking our baking class, you will see that macarons are easy to make in learning the methods, and in keeping our chefs tips in mind !
Our baking school is conveniently located in Paris 17th district nearby les Batignolles quarter (metro station Brochant). Our macarons class is hands-on, taught in English, and designed for individuals and small groups limited to 6 people.

Macarons class is scheduled Thursday at 10:00pm for 2h30. You will learn how to prepare and to bake the Italian meringue, how to use the food coloring, how to shape the cookies in using a piping bag, and how to prepare the cream fillings. Two flavors are offered such as: chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, lemon, salted-butter caramel, walnut, praline, etc. You bring the “fruits of your labor” after the class.

Program price: US$ 180 per person

Availability : Year-round, on Thursdays at 10:00am, except on public holidays. Other dates can be added upon request for a group of 4 people minimum.

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You like to bake, and you are interested in experiencing French patisseries and desserts? You will be in Paris soon? Keep a half-day of your holiday to partake this class!

cours patisserie preparation patisserie

Our baking school is conveniently located in Paris 17th district nearby les Batignolles quarter (metro station Brochant). For a quality teaching, our classes are hands-on, designed for individuals and small groups limited to 6 people. It’s taught in English.

Our pastry and dessert class is scheduled Thursday afternoon, starting at 2:30pm for 2 hours. It’s followed by a tasting accompanied by tea, coffee or fresh drink.

Within two hours, you will learn how to prepare and to bake two pastries and one dessert from scratch. The very trendy Parisian delight is today the cream-filled choux pastry in a dazzling array of flavors! We have chosen to teach you the technique of the choux pastry including the right method to shape it in using a piping bag, to make the flavored creams of your choice and to decorate it with a crust or a glaze. The dessert that you will prepare and taste after the class can be a pistachio crème brulée, or a raspberry panna-cotta, or a French traditional “riz au lait” vanilla rice pudding or “ile flottante” meringue, crème anglaise and caramel.

Program price: US$ 180 per person

Availability :
Year-round, on Thursdays at 2:30pm, except on public holidays. Other dates can be added upon request for a group of 4 people minimums.

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You know the baking basis and you are interested in improving your skills to make beautiful pastry both creative and precise? Our pastry class “advanced” is designed for you !

Our baking school is conveniently located in Paris 18th district nearby Porte de Clignancourt (metro station Simplon). Please remind that for a high quality teaching, our classes are limited to 6 participants, and a reservation in advance is strongly recommended.

Our advanced pastry class is scheduled Monday afternoon, starting at 2:00pm for 4 hours. It’s followed by a tasting accompanied by tea, coffee or fresh drink.

This class is hands-on, and taught in English by experienced Executive pastry chefs who will show you technique as well as improvisation.

Under our Chef direction, you will learn how to prepare and to bake sophisticated pastries such as: a cinnamon cream and candied orange half-sphere that tops a cinnamon flavored shortcrust. Then you will succeed in a vanilla tube filled with a lime biscuit and cherry compote served on a vanilla crumble. You will learn the technique of puff pastry, crème patissiere, crème Madame, and create a beautiful French classic Millefeuille. At the end, you will create an elegant and beautifully presented dessert by the plate.

Program price: US$ 280 per person

Availability : Year-round, on Mondays at 2:00pm, except on public holidays

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You are a foody person, curious to learn how to bake brioches and French breads in using a home oven ? This class is for you !

preparation preparation pain brioche

The brioche and bread making class is scheduled Wednesday morning at 9:00am, and Friday afternoon at 2:00pm. Class is hands-on and taught in English by our talented baker Chef Pinault.

Along the 3h30 course, you will learn how to prepare the brioche and the bread doughs step by step. Our chef will explain the different quality of flours, how to use the active fresh yeast, the fermentation process, the shaping methods, the baking temperatures and time, as well as how to create the steam in a home oven for baking the bread. Bread requires a long fermentation, so even though you will be making everything from scratch, the dough will be prepared ahead of time for baking.

You will make, bake and taste : baguette, seasonal bread such as the onion “pissaladiere”, herbs of Provence “fougasse”, nut bread and a brioche.

Our baking school is located in Paris 18th district nearby Porte de Clignancourt (metro station Simplon). Our classes are intimate, limited to 6 participants.

Program price: US$ 210 per person

Availability : Year-round, Wednesday at 9:00am and Friday at 2:00pm, except on public holidays

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French croissants... the puffy delights that we enjoy for breakfast with our coffee or tea, are delicious with a home-made jam or marmelade. Ready to learn the methods to make it at home ? Don’t wait, sign up now !

Join us in our baking school located in Paris 18th district, steps to Porte de Clignancourt (metro Simplon) Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:00am !

This class lasts 3 hours, the perfect time to bake 3 different kind of breakfast pastry such as croissants, chocolate croissants and raisins rolls. Even the dough is the same, the shaping methods are very different. In a friendly atmosphere, you will learn how to prepare the croissants dough, on the same way as the puff pastry also known as millefeuille.

After you have rolled out the dough to create the layers, will come the time of cutting and shaping methods. Our chef will remind you how to prepare the crème patissiere that you will add to the raisins for the rolls. You will also learn how to bake these delights that you will taste afterwards. You can choose to bring it after the class.
This class is hands-on, designed for amateurs, and individuals of small groups limited to 6 people.

Program price: US$ 210 per person

Availability : Year-round, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:00am, except on public holidays

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France is internationally reputed for its finest wines, delightful cheeses, and outstanding cuisine. You have planned to visit Paris soon ? Book a wine tasting class, a wine and cheese pairing course, or a champagne cruise on the romantic Seine river !

Lifestyle Vacations offers different programs designed for epicureans to indulge in the great world of French wines through a “Tour de France” of wines and food. From Bordeaux to Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, Loire Valley, Côtes de Provence, Côtes du Rhône, Beaujolais and much more, you will experience different wines between sweet whites, dry whites with fruits or intriguing mixture of floral, honey and mineral aromas, light reds, full-body reds, and sparkling whites (better known as Crémants or Champagne).

All our classes are taught in English by wine experts and sommeliers. Our wine school is centrally located in Paris 1st district, walking distance to Le Louvre Museum, Palais Royal and the Opera. The school is set in a historic building, and offers large air-conditioned tasting rooms, and a wine bar where participants can relax before or after the class.

“Tour de France of Wine” tasting class

Choose a two-hour class for improving your knowledge in French wines and appellations. With a unique and refreshing approach, our sommelier will explain how to read a French label, how to navigate a wine list, how to store and age the wines in your cellar, how to order the wine tasting, how to pair the wines with the food. This class includes a tasting of six wines representing the best value regions such as Champagne, Alsace, Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, Burgundy, Loire.
Program price : US$105 per person

Availability : This class is scheduled year-round, Monday to Sunday at 5:00pm
Grands Crus wine tasting class
Choose a two-hour class celebrating the French Grands Crus, these wines of exception that you serve for special occasions and that represent the excellence. The class is taught in English by our wine expert, and includes a six outstanding wines tasting by the class, accompanied by French bread, cheese, and charcuteries.

Only 5 regions of France produce grands crus wines : Alsace, Bordeaux, Champagne and Languedoc-Roussillon with only one appellation : AOC Banuyls Grand Cru which is a sweet red wine (terrific on chocolate !).

This class will be the opportunity for you to learn the AOC (Appellation Origine Contrôlée), as the wines must be AOC to be Grand Crus. French Grand Crus are rare, produced in small quantities. In Burgundy it only represents 7% of the total production, with for example Clos Vougeot, Clos de Tart, Romanée-Conti, Richebourg, Echezeaux, etc. In Bordeaux, you will find the legendary Chateau Margaux, Léoville Las Cases Saint-Julien, Calon-Ségur Saint-Estèphe, and more.

Program price : US$ 225 per person

Availability : Friday at 5:30pm, year-round.

Wine and Cheese pairing tasting class and lunch
France is a gourmet destination and surprisingly, the regions which produce cheese also produce wine. When you pair the cheese and the wine from the same region, it’s fabulous! This is what we call the secrets of “Terroirs”… a term that has no translation in English but that includes notions of climate, soil and savoir-faire.

Take time to experience our wine and cheese pairing tasting class and lunch. Whether the class focus on the wines, it’s very informative about the French cheeses and the regions of France where both are produced. Try to pair a Crottin de Chavignol goat cheese with a Sancerre dry white wine, a Munster cheese with a Gewurtztraminer Alsatian sweet white wine, a Roquefort blue cheese with a Jurançon sweet white !

Aside to the cheese, lunch includes charcuterie (patés and sausages) and bread.
The class starts at 12:15pm for 1h30. It includes a tasting of 5 different wines by the glass including Champagne.

Program price : US$ 120 per person

Availability : Monday to Sunday at 12:15pm, year-round.

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Explore the finest gourmet spots through Paris picturesque quarters by walking… Take time to enjoy the best artisans food and wines of small producers in learning about the history of Paris and France.

boutique charcuterie Paris

The gourmet walking tours are personally escorted and guided in English by Corinne A. Preteur, the creator of Lifestyle Vacations. Graduated from the history university and business school then, she also trained at Michelin-star chefs to improve her knowledge in French cuisine and patisserie. Half of the year, she escorts Lifestyle Vacations culinary tours through the regions of France along the itineraries she has designed, introducing the visitors to the local people, producers and artisans that contribute to place France on the top-ranked gourmet destination in the world.

Meet Corinne at 9:00am in the Latin quarter or in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Follow her on the open-air food market, where she will explain how to choose the freshest produce, how to combine and to cook it on a healthy way for keeping the flavors, etc. The trail continues through top-ranked food and wine small gourmet shops where you have the connection with legendary “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” artisans. Along the tour, Corinne will buy the best produce, bread, brioche or croissant, patisseries, macarons, chocolates, patés…and of course wine !

Even so tasting will be offered in the shops, you will enjoy a coffee or tea break with croissants or brioche comfortably sitted in traditional café around 10:00am, and a terrific food and wine pairing lunch break around 12:30pm, at a tiny wine bar and shop in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In winter, you will be Corinne’s guests at home. Program ends at 2:00pm… sometimes later !

When regular tours count participants by dozens, Corinne’s unique gourmet tours are intimate, confirmed with 2 people and limited to 4 participants.

Program price : US$ 190 per person.

Tour is scheduled : Tuesday through Saturday starting at 9:00am, year-round except August 1-20 and December 15-31, and on public holidays

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Paris, city of arts and history, symbol of elegance and glamour, is THE destination for gourmet lovers. In Paris, chocolate is everywhere, almost like the voice of passion and love. Same for boulangeries and patisseries displaying crusty baguettes, croissants, éclairs, and more. However if you look for exceptional delicacies, better to enroll a guided tour with an expert.

gateau gérard mulot gateau

Corinne, the creator and owner of Lifestyle Vacations France, has designed a half-day unique pastry and chocolate walking tour. As a food critic for French magazines, no doubt she knows the best spots and the top-ranked gourmet stores to visit !

Lifestyle Vacations pastry and chocolate tour is scheduled in the afternoon only, starting at 2:00pm for 4 hours, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This tour will give you the opportunity to share the secrets of the most talented chocolate makers and Parisian pastry chefs. Along the trail, you will explore their boutiques-ateliers where these artists make exceptional work of arts. Corinne will explain the techniques in chocolate baking, and the new trends that chefs follow to always offer more creative pastries that reach the perfection in the balance of colors, flavors and presentations. She will also provide her personal tips to make exquisite pastries and cakes not so difficult to bake at home.

Each step of this pastry and chocolate tour is a unique moment to discover surprising and exquisite delicacies. You will enjoy tastings in the spots visited, and the tour ends by a pastry and tea or coffee break in an elegant salon de thé.

Tour is limited to 4 participants and is confirmed with 2 persons. Tour is guided in English.

Program price: US$155 per person

Availability : January-June and September-November (except on Legal Holidays), Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

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Cruising on the river Seine to admire the beauties of Paris while enjoying a unique Champagne tasting : so elegant, so romantic, so delightful !

During the time you are delighted with the finest Champagne wines (brut, demi-sec and rosé), Paris scrolls its breathtaking sights and its elegant monuments along the Seine river.

Approaching Le Louvre, Orsay Museum, Concorde Square, Conciergerie, beautiful bridges, and of course the Eiffel Tower by the river is a unique experience.
In addition to the cruise and the Champagne tasting, you are granted the expertise of an English-speaking sommelier to improve your knowledge on the Champagne wines. He will also tell you about the history of Paris and the meanings of the monuments you will admire throughout the cruise. The Champagne tasting takes place in the private room at the front of the boat.

Champagne cruise is available year-round, scheduled Thursday, Friday and Saturday in winter, and Monday through Saturday in Spring, Summer and Fall. The cruise starts at 6:00pm from the Eiffel Tower based-company “Vedettes de Paris”, and lasts an hour. You are back to the same place you boarded from.

Program price : US$ 80 per person

Availability : Thursday, Friday and Saturday in winter, Monday through Saturday in Spring, Summer and Fall, starting at 6:00pm for one hour.

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You have chosen Paris, France as your holiday destination. You like history, architecture, gardens and flowers, picturesque sites. You are keen to explore the City of Light totally off-the-beaten paths. Book a private cultural walking tour escorted by our professional tour guides !

hotel_caron Montmartre accordeoniste

Our tour guides are all graduated in history of art and archeology, members of the journalists of heritage association. They speak English, but also Spanish, Italian, and German. Through a 2h30 or 3-hour private walking guided tour, you will visit Paris as you have never seen the city before. Our cultural tours are designed by topics. We can customize the program of your choice in combining the thematics, according to your personal interests.

Our itineraries :

  1. Paris and its Quarters (Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Le Marais, Champs-Elysées and the Golden Triangle…)
  2. Paris at the 17th, 18th and 19th century
  3. Paris 19th century shopping malls and covered arcades
  4. Paris, La Seine and the Islands (La Cité, Ile Saint-Louis)
  5. Paris and its villages (Montmartre, but also La Butte aux Cailles, Ménilmontant…)
  6. Paris and its cemeteries (Père Lachaise, Montparnasse, Montmartre)
  7. Paris and its gardens (Luxembourg, Palais Royal, Tuileries…)
  8. Treasures of Parisian churches (Saint-Roch, Val de Grâce, Notre Dame…)
  9. Paris and its royal squares (Place des Vosges, Place Dauphine, Place Vendôme…)
  10. Paris, its museums and private mansions (Le Louvre, La Païva…)
  11. Paris through the American artists : Ernest Heminghway, Josephine Baker...
  12. History of Paris’ cafés, brasseries, bistros…

Program price: US$ 440 for a 2h30 private guided tour (2 to 8 people booked together)
US$ 525 for a 3-hour private guided tour (2 to 8 people booked together).

Availability : Cultural tours are scheduled year-round, Monday through Sunday, morning or afternoon. However museums openings should be considered


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